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Wakes Week

Wakes Week is a tradition that goes back until the 1600s., and was reintroduced in 1946.

Organised by our ever hard working Wakes committee, Tideswell Wakes Week is an important week in the village calendar, and apart from the obvious enjoyment it creates it is an important fund raising vehicle for non-for-profit Tideswell Groups.

As usual the highlight of the week is Carnival day otherwise known as Big-Sat which this year is Saturday 30th of June. This sees the village come alive with a carnival procession, all day music and an evening torchlight procession.

However there are many other events that go to make up what is a very hectic Wakes Week schedule and it varies every year.

The images on this page are merely a short taster selected from the past three Wakes week, so please visit the
Tideswell Photos website and look through our archives, find an image that brings back memories, buy a print and support future Wakes Weeks!

Future Wakes

After an absence of 2 years, Tideswell Wakes Committee is looking forward to returning in full force for an eventful and long awaited Wakes week.

More info to follow

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Tideswell Wakes Contacts

More detailed information about Wakes activities and the groups they support can be found by visiting the Wakes website or by following us on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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