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Tideswell Associations

Tideswell despite it's size is incredibly lucky to have an enviable wide range of thriving well supported clubs, and associations. Below you can find a brief summary of some of the associations in Tideswell and surrounding area (listed in alphabetic order) along with links to further information.

IMPORTANT: COVID has forced many associations to cut back on their activity, please use the associated links below for more information.

Allotment Association

Tideswell Allotment Association (TAA) is a friendly and very informal assembly of all those who cultivate the allotments off Church Lane in Tideswell. The membership is broad, comprising of anyone who aspires to owning a shed. The approaches to growing are as varied as the members.

Some of our members are new to the whole experience, while others who have worked their sites for a long time, and are only too happy to share their considerable knowledge and experience in a friendly manner.

After School Club

Tideswell After School Club meet in the old grammar school building every Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays (Term Time Only) between 3.15 - 6pm - 7.15pm
Holiday Club 1st and 4th Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays (Summer Holiday Months).
Contact Clare Bell - 07792 075 486 E tideswellafterschoolclub@gmail.com

Afternoon Tea Club

Tideswell Afternoon Tea Club meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2pm in St Johns Institute building
Contact June Gibbs - 01298 872 143

Tideswell Allotment Society

The Tideswell Allotment Society - Annual show August/September
Contact Josie Kilner - 01298 937 005

Tideswell Band

Tideswell Band - Mondays and Fridays 7.30 - 9pm upstairs at the Old Grammar School, behind St John's Church.
For more information or bookings please contact Libs Slattery - 01298 871 259 E tidzaband@tideswell.net


Tideswell Beavers meet every Thursday (Term Time Only) at 5 - 7.15pm in St Johns Institute building
Contact Clare Fairburn - 01298 871 447

Bell Ringers

Tideswell Bell Ringers Practice every Friday at 7.30 - 9pm in St Johns Church
Contact Josh Eldridge - 01298 872 639

Busy Bees

Tideswell Busy Bees Is a Mother, baby and toddler group meeting every Tuesday at 10am in Fountain Square Church
Contact Margaret Gill - 01298 872 057

Churches In Tideswell

Tideswell being a rural community may not be as 'diverse' as a large inner city, but we do have 3 places of worship, St John The Baptist (Anglican), Fountain Square Church (URC/Methodist) and The Immaculate Heart of Mary (Catholic). However there is a high level of co-operation between the churches with Methodist services sometimes being held in St Johns church when congregation numbers exceed the Fountain Square Church capacity, as has happened in the case of some local funerals, this is very reassuring.

Cressbrook Band

Cressbrook Band meets at Cressbrook Club - Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.45pm

Cressbrook Club

Contact John Butler - T - 01298 872 025

Cressbrook Film Club

Fridays (Program as advertised) at Cressbrook Club

Contact David Lawton - T - 01298 872 144 E - enquiries@cressbrookclub.org.uk

Environment Group

Tideswell & District Environment Group: We are a group of local people, living in Tideswell and surrounding villages, who want to do our bit to help improve the local and global environment.

We hope to achieve our aims by:

Learning more about environmental issues.
Sharing information so we can take action ourselves to protect and improve the environment.
Working together on environmental projects to make a difference in our community.

Anyone can join our
TDEG Facebook page. If you would like to join the group and receive emails about events and
Our area includes Tideswell, Litton, Wheston, Windmill and Cressbrook, and we have also had interest from Great Hucklow, Little Hucklow, Peak Forest and further afield.  We are happy for anyone to get involved in our activities.

We try to organise a general meeting every two months, with a presentation on a relevant topic. Everyone is welcome to our meetings and events. If you would like to know more about our group and join our mailing list, please register your interest on the
Join Us page.

We currently have five project groups, which have grown out of the interests of our members. We are always open to new ideas for project groups, so if you would like to lead a specific group, please contact us at

For more info please visit our
website or contact TDEG - info@tdeg.org.uk

Tideswell Cinema

Tideswell Cinema and Junior Cinema is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organisation bringing digital film and theatre to the heart of the Peak District National Park.

Based in The George Inn in in the heart of the village, Tideswell Cinema run an annual season of films from September to August, as well as live arts broadcasts from the Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre, Royal Opera House and other venues. (Program advertised locally and in the Village Voice).

Contact Jacqueline Teeney 07941 178 863 - mail@tideswellcinema.com

Read more about Tideswell Cinema. Follow us on Twitter @TideswellCinema and Like us on Facebook.

Tideswell Community Players - Tideswell Theatre - Tidza Guisers

Tideswell Community Players: (Program advertised locally and in the Village Voice) are a local theatre group performing since 1930. They put on a variety of classic, contemporary and popular plays and events.

Tideswell Theatre: have been bringing professional music and theatre to the village since 2001.

Tidza Guisers: Are not currently active, and are looking for new blood, the Tidza Guisers perform raucous summers plays in the streets at Tideswell Festivals.

Tideswell’s very own amateur drama group welcomes anyone who would like to come along – whether as an actor, stage technician, playwright, director or in the audience for our productions.
Contact Gerard Rogers - T - 07729 983 005 E - theatre@tideswell.net


Tideswell Cubs meet every Wednesday at 6 - 7.15pm in St Johns Institute building
Contact Elaine Kearney - T - 01298 871 466

Diabetic Self Help

Tideswell Diabetic Self Help meet every 3rd Monday of the month at Fire & Rescue, Staden Lane, Buxton
Contact Sue Barber - T - 01298 871 644

Fell Run

Tideswell Fell Run is held in late June the last Friday before Tideswell Wakes 'Big Saturday'
Contact Anthony Gill - 01298 872 057 fellrace@tideswell.net

Tideswell First Responders

Tideswell Community First Responder Group was established in March 2017 to provide a Community First Responder service in Tideswell and surrounding area (up to 10 Km radius). The group presently comprises 9 volunteers, 6 who have been trained by EMAS and are all qualified to provide life-saving support to a patient whilst awaiting the arrival of an ambulance. one is awaiting training. 2 non-responding members who give vital support to the running of the group.

Friends Of School

Friends Of Bishop Pursglove School - 01298 871 282

Jujitsu Club

Tideswell Jujitsu Club 4.30 - 5.30pm (Term Time Only) in St Johns Institute building
Contact Nick Parsons - ncparsons@sky.com

Knit And Natter

Tideswell Knit & Natter meet 7-15 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at the Star Inn
Contact Jean Jackson - 01298 872 089

Tideswell Library

Tideswell Library is situated in the institute buildings at the rear of St Johns Church. The Library offers books (including audio), as you would expect, but also lends out DVDs and Cds.

Tideswell Library recently transferred into being volunteer run, for more information visit the
Tideswell Library Website.

Tideswell Living History

The Tideswell Living History project was launched in April 2012. Our aim is to preserve and communicate the recent history of Tideswell, by collecting the memories and old photographs of residents, ex-residents and visitors, both adults and children and to preserve and communicate over 150 years of community life, through pictures and voices.

Meetings as advertised -
Contact Gill Adams - 01298 871 900

For more information, please visit the Tideswell Tales website.

Lunch Club

Tideswell Lunch Club Meet Alternative months Wednesdays 12.30pm - Fountain Square Church
Contact Yvonne Oulton - 01298 872 086

Male Voice Choir

Tideswell Mail Voice Choir (MVC) Meet Tuesdays 7.30pm - Fountain Square Church
Contact Malcolm Bennison - 01298 712 04

Mindfullness Group

Mindfulness Group is an informal practice group for those new or experienced in mindfulness. We have no affiliations to specific schools of practice and offer different techniques and approaches so that people can choose what works for them. Suggested donation £1.00 - £2.00 per session of whatever you can afford to cover costs.

We meet 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month 9-10am at Litton Village Hall, refreshments served to 10.20.
Contact Julia Fell - felly55@btinternet.com

Mothers Union

Mothers Union

Tideswell Mothers Union Meet 1st Thursday of the Month 2pm at in St Johns Institute building - Contact Ruth Breedon - 01298 854 30

Parish Council

Tideswell Parish Council Office, Tideswell Sports Complex, St John's Road, Tideswell, SK17 8NE .

T 07738 076 902 - E clerk@tideswellparishcouncil.co.uk - W www.tideswellparishcouncil.co.uk


Tideswell Pre-School Club Meet Mondays - Thursdays 8.45 - 11.45am and 12.45 - 3.45pm AND Fridays 8.45 - 11-45am -
Contact Julie - 01298 872 315 and 07840 765 377

Sangha In The Park - Meditation Group

Sangha In The Peak - Tideswell Meditation Group Meet 2nd and 3rd Mondays of the Month 7.25pm - 9pm at Fountain Square Church AND Last Saturday of the month Litton Village Hall 9.55am - 11.20am with refreshments until noon and optional silent sit from 9.00am. Suggested donation £2 - £3 or whatever you can afford to cover costs.

This group is part of the international network of Plum Village Sanghas (More information
www.plumvillage.uk) and welcomes those are or experienced to join meditation and readings from the writings of Zen Buddhist Teacher Thich That Hanh.

Contact Andrea Mitson - sanghinthepeak@gmail.com


Tideswell Scouts - Contact Helen Dowling - 01298 871 535

Tideswell Singers

Tideswell Singers (mixed voices group) - meet Wednesday 7.30 at Litton Hall
Contact Carol Bowns - 01298 231 577 W www.tideswellsingers.org.uk

200+ Club

In order to be able to make grants for local projects and organisations, the TDCA has to raise funds. One way we do so is through the 200+ Club.

200+ Club is actually a lottery, for just £1.00 per month, you will be entered into a monthly draw and the opportunity to win cash prizes of up to £50.00.

Over 50% of the money raised by
200+ Club goes to local causes, while the rest goes back to our 200+ Club members, so everybody wins!

Anybody can join, and being a member of the
200+ Club also makes you a member of the TDCA. It costs so little and contributes so much to local life.


Although there will be a draw at the end of this month (March 2020), due to the current Coronavirus crisis, this will be the LAST one for a while.

We shall announce the winners, but as I am sure you will appreciate, unfortunately, until better times, we will be unable to hand over anybody’s prize money.

We are therefore suspending the start of the new season.  PLEASE do NOT try to hand over any cash or cheques to your collector.  THANK YOU

We shall resume running our Village Lottery as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Dorothy and Judy
Stay safe xx

If you would like to join the 200+ Club / TDCA please contact us.

Dorothy Whitehouse on: E
mammaloulou18@gmail.com T 01298 871 661

Judy Cooke on: E
judy_cooke@hotmail.co.uk T 01298 872 408

The Village Voice Magazine

The Village Voice is the official community magazine for the Derbyshire Village of Tideswell and its neighbours.

Starting out as an A4 sheet in 1995, The Village Voice has grown to today's high quality full colour publication with 32 x A5 pages of news, features, activity reports, diary and photographs.

A free-issue monthly,
The Village Voice print run is 1,850 and it is delivered to most households and businesses in Tideswell, plus Cressbrook, Foolow, Great Hucklow, Little Hucklow, Litton, Litton Mill, Millers Dale, Peak Forest, Peak Dale, Wardlow, Wheston, Wormhill, and retailers in Eyam carry copies of the magazine. The The Village Voice is also available in cafes, pubs, shops and holiday lets. Another 400 people receive an electronic version each month.

The Village Voice is non-profit and run entirely by volunteers. Leading the team is managing editor Alan Page, a former journalist and advertising agency chief. He welcomes news and reports through news@villagevoicetidza.uk

Advertising is the only source of income and details of how to advertise are available from
ads@villagevoicetidza.uk or on the The Village Voice website: Click here.

Well Dressing

Well Dressing, Cressbrook, Litton and Tideswell - Petalling takes place the week before well dressing at Cressbrook Church - Litton Village Hall - Hardy House Sherwood Road, Tideswell respectively.

IMPORTANT: We are hoping that well dressing will restart in 2022 once COVID conditions have eased further.

Womens Institute

Miller's Dale & District Women's Institute Meet 2nd Wednesday of the Month (Not August) at Litton Village Hall Contact Judy Cooper - 01298 871 191

Wild Meadow And Tideswell Community Orchard

We are genuinely lucky in Tideswell, being blessed with many people with in-depth knowledge about plants, environmental and horticultural matters.

Parish Council offered Wheston Bank as a site for a community orchard where we would grow cornfield annuals with red Flanders Poppies, yellow corn marigolds, pink corncockle, white campion and corn chamomile, and blue cornflowers.

Tidza Ramblers

Tidza Ramblers meet the 2nd Sunday of the month, A walk typically would be between 6 - 8 miles.
For more details please contact Helen Royle E phroyle@btinternet.com

Sports Clubs And Associations

Tideswell is fortunate to have superb sporting facilities thanks to the hard work of people in the village who give their time freely to organise clubs and plan events.

The Tideswell and District Sports Association (TDSA) is a sub-committee of the TDCA and focusses on everything sports related. The TDSC committee has representatives from all our sports club members and oversees maintenance of sports facilities and supports.

Full sports associations listing and contact details can be found using the links below.

IMPORTANT DATA NOTICE: All association contact information have been collected in good faith, it is up to each club or association to ensure that details are as you would wish and up to date. Please do check!

TDCA cannot be held responsible for any erroneous information, if you want to update details OR have them removed completely, please contact the TDCA webmaster Bernard O'Sullivan E info@insideoutphoto.co.uk

Please remember all TDCA committee members are volunteers so please be patient and polite.

Partner Websites:
The TDCA has no control or influence regarding the accuracy of the content of other partner websites, and cannot be held responsible for any erroneous information. Please do check!

If you prefer you can telephone TDCA directly on
07831 344 722 or 01298 872 478