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Places Of Worship In Tideswell

Tideswell being a rural community may not be as 'diverse' as a large inner city, but we do have 3 places of worship, St John The Baptist (Anglican), Fountain Square Church (URC/Methodist) and The Immaculate Heart of Mary (Catholic). However there is a high level of co-operation between the churches with Methodist services sometimes being held in St Johns church when congregation numbers exceed the Fountain Square Church capacity, as has happened in the case of some local funerals, this is very reassuring.

Saint John The Baptist - Services

Tideswell Parish includes Anglican Churches in Litton, Cressbrook, Miller’s Dale and Wormhill, as well as the Cathedral of the Peak in Tideswell itself. Tideswell Church is open for visitors every day from 9am to 5.30pm.
A parish pilgrimage walk will guide you through beautiful countryside to visit each of the five churches in the parish, a short leaflet with directions for the walk can be found in Tideswell Church.

Regular services are normally held in all churches in the parish as well as special and community events.

Contact the Vicarage on
01298 871317

For more information or check our website
www.tideswellchurch.org for up to date details of services and other events.

St John the Baptist: Holy Communion - 8.00am 1st Sunday of each month.
A quiet service without hymns, lasting about 30 minutes.

Lady Chapel at St John the Baptist: Holy Communion - 9.15am Every Tuesday morning.

Tideswell Institute: Taste and See - 9.30am 1st Sunday of each month
Cafe style worship for all ages.

Litton Church: Holy Communion - 11.00am 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Cressbrook Church: Holy Communion - 11.00am 4th Sunday of each month.

Cressbrook Church: Tea and Hymns - 3.00pm 2nd Sunday of each month.
An informal service with prayer and readings, plus popular hymns.

Wormhill Church: Roots and Shoots - 3.00pm 3rd Sunday of each month.
An informal service with children activities built in. (Replaces evening service).

Wormhill Church: Holy Communion - 6.30pm 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

Wormhill Church: Evening Prayer - 6.30am 1st Sunday of month.
NOTE: This may vary, please do check)

St Ann's Church Miller's Dale: Special services held 4 times a year (see below for more details).

When there is a Fifth Sunday, a 10.30am service is held in one of the five churches for the whole parish - check the church website for details: www.tideswellchurch.org

Contact: Rev. Simon White - The Vicarage, 6 Pursglove Drive, Tideswell SK17 8PA T - 01298 871317

St Ann's Church - Miller's Dale - Services

St Ann's Church Miller's Dale is a festival church, a special service is held every quarter, usually around Easter, Well decorating in July, Harvest and Christmas.

For more information or check our website www.tideswellchurch.org or contact the Vicarage on 01298 871317

Fountain Square Methodist - Services

In the summer of 2019 Fountain Square underwent a major redevelopment providing new airy contemporary space for worship and also available for local events such as exhibitions, plays, coffee mornings.

Services are held each Sunday morning at 10.30

For more information -
T - 01298 938 831 or see notices outside Fountain Square Church.

Immaculate Heart Of Mary - Services

No services currently held in Tideswell.

For details of services at Chapel-en-le-Frith
Contact: Father Kevin Gradwell - T - 01298 813 91
or see the notice board at
Immaculate Heart of Mary RC Church Tideswell.

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