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Green TDCA

The TDCA is all about, supporting community associations, we are also actively involved with improving the village environment through various activities such as flower trough planting.

However, although the community spirit in Tideswell is as about alive-and-kicking as you could have, which is reflected in the general litter-free state of the village, we are not without problems.

In common with other communities Tideswell does suffer with a level of vandalism and littering, centred around the football fields behind the Sports Pavilion.

The image on the right shows Eleven sacks of rubbish collected during just one visit in February 2018.

Very worryingly, we also collected, and disposed of separately sharps (used needles) as well as small gas canisters.

Just one week later 2 more sack fulls were collected. This litter is obviously unsightly, and is also potentially harmful to the adults and children alike who use these facilities.

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Volunteer To Help Keep Our Village Clean

We are unusually fortunate for a small village to have such a wide range of facilities which are there for all adults and children alike to enjoy hopefully in clean-safe conditions.

TDCA recently started to organise monthly litter clearing centred around the Sports Pavillon. These community clean-ups are normally held at 10am on the first Sunday of the month, subject to holidays and weather conditions.

As they say, 'many hands make light work' we would love to have your help in keeping on top of this problem, we will even provide one of those 'picky-up-things' to save you backs!

For more info on dates and times, please visit our
Events Calendar page.

If you prefer you can telephone TDCA directly on
07831 344 722 or 01298 872 478